Speaking and Teaching

I like to chill with people who think outside of the box, people who dare to dream of what could be. I  love being with people who care for and learn from those who are disenfranchised by the church. I also enjoy theological conversations.

I am available for retreats, workshops, and events, where my passions will encourage others who care deeply about their spirituality and who care for the well being of the other. I love pastoring, teaching, training leaders, helping people to find their vocation and develop their own story.


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  1. Deb, I love your blog. Sitting here with tears running… I posted on FB on Darla’s post from your blog this A.M. Though of you and prayed for Richard’s wife When he died earlier this year. I hoped you were able to be with her. Wish I was close enough to Portland to give you a hug.

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