About Deborah

Who am I?

I am passionate for God and Jesus. I am passionate for people. I am passionate about the wisdom of the Bible. I am passionate about healing and helping others find the pathway forward for their lives. The perfect storm for me is when all of these converge, creating a living growing community where each participant has a sense of who they are in God and in the community,  where each voice is important, and each voice contributes.

What do I do?

Presently I teach, lead workshops on various topics, speak at events when someone wants to hear me. I also advise doctoral student at Portland Seminary.

I  facilitate Women’s Theology Hub with a few partners. Women’s Theology Hub is a forum where the problematic scriptures and stories that have been used to hold women back from ministry and leadership are discussed.

With a few partners, I teach and lead Forge/Collaborate Portland. Forge/Collaborate is a cohort based organization that supports those who nurture communities of faith that may not be so traditional.

My most notorious public act was starting The Bridge Church in Portland, Oregon in 1998 with two other pastors. The Bridge was a church that loved the sub culture of Portland, X-Gen, and Millennials and made a safe place for those who did not fit in other contexts.

I had the pleasure of co-creating Women’s Convergence with some dear friends. Convergence was an organization that supported women in Christian ministry, especially those who have not been accepted in patriarchal atmospheres.  As you may have noticed, I delight to provide safe space for the disenfranchised.


I have some degrees which, in the process of earning, have only proved to me how much I don’t know: Bachelors in Biblical Studies and Business, Masters in Exegetical Theology and a Doctorate in Transformational Leadership.

I am married to the love of my life, Ken, who creates churches for those who live outdoors. Matthew, Wolfgang, Tirzah and Rebecca are my children and I am very proud of each one of them. And I cannot get enough of Penelope and Haley, who are my beautiful granddaughters. 🙂